• TheElementalZero-TeenDarkMagician

    Ok, heres the question

    what anime world would you rather appear in 

    A. Vampire Knight (includeing Vampire Knight Guilty)

    B. Full Metal Alchemist (All Series)

    C. Dragonball (includeing Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT)

    D. Naruto (Includeing Naruto Shippuden)

    E. Inuyasha (Includeing Movies)

    F. Blood (Includeing Blood +)

    G. Bleach (Includeing Movies)

    H. Death Note

    I. Gundam (All Series)

    J. Zoids (All Series)

    K. Hellsing

    L. The Melloncolly of Haruhi Suzumiya

    M. Shakugan No Shana

    N. Hell Girl (Jigoku Shōjo)

    O. Karin (Chibi Vampire)

    P. Yu-Gi-Oh (all series)

    Q. Black Cat

    R. Girls Bravo

    S. Cagayake Girls

    T. Eureka Seven

    U. Code Geass (All Series)

    V. Lucky Star

    W. Shugo Chara (All Series)

    X. Soul Eater

    Y. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

    Z. Clannad (all series)

    Leave your answers in com…

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